This is why we do it

After a not so great week I’m really glad I got off my arse and made it to Birmingham Social Media Café. Whenever I go to these things I always wonder whether I’ll get anything out of it but there’s always been at least one thing that’s made it worthwhile. Today was no exception with a few good conversations but one really stood out.

A few minutes after standing myself next to Rebecca Sykes she turned to me and told me how she’d been hoping to talk to me just to say how much she liked The Lichfield Blog. Rebecca has recently moved to Lichfield temporarily and has found the blog really useful for keeping up to date with happenings in ‘ye olde city’ and knowing what’s on in Lichfield.

It comes the same day as I discover that we’re in amongst the top ten nominees for the Best Local Blog at the Mashable Open Web Awards.

Following a frustrating week, these two things have really picked me up. I’ve been congratulated/thanked on a job well done by many people and it’s really a credit to the great contributions we have from Ross (who as I write this has written 1,161 of 1,404 posts), Nick who has provided some fantastic photography (hire him!) and the fantastic contributors, many of whom are professional journalists.

This is all on top of the great press coverage we’ve been getting recently from the likes of the Guardian and the BBC.

We’ve often said we’re not in it for the money. We can’t be, there’s isn’t enough money there! It’s days like these where you get that little bit of a pat on the back that make it worthwhile and the little nod that we must be doing something right.


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  1. Dan Slee Avatar

    Philip, this is why you are epic!

    You ‘get’ it, you are enthusiastic and you don’t mind sharing.

    Brilliant stuff.

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