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  • Time to Fight Against a DRM’d Web – by Forking It

    It’s disappointing and sad that inventor of the free and open web Tim Berners-Lee, has allowed the vested interests of Hollywood to influence the W3C, which is pushing ahead with implementing DRM in direct conflict with the web’s founding principles. Let’s hope that, as with XHTML, a fork of HTML will win out and destroy…

  • What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM

    A fantastic piece demonstrating just why DRM is such a bad thing for consumers, and innovation. Read What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM

  • IE8: Saviour of the Semantic Web, or Usability Nightmare?

    I’ve been pushing web standards for years, so the news that Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer 8 will support W3C guidelines by default is very welcome from where I’m sitting. There is one problem, though. They’ve announced that sites including CNN, Facebook and MySpace won’t work correctly. Users of the browser will have to choose to view…