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  • Blogger arrested for filming council meeting

    As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Police arrest hobbyists for taking photos of public events they’re now arresting bloggers for filming council meetings. While my request to film council meetings in Lichfield was met with no resistance it seems some councillors seem to be living in an entirely different reality. I’ll be writing […]

  • Five ways to make a difference with data – a round up of #madwdwm

    As part of the Making a difference with data project I was asked to run an ‘unworkshop’ for the West Midlands which pulled together hyperlocal site owners, local government folk and data geeks. Thanks to Nick Booth‘s generosity we had a suitable venue where we could gather. We had 16 people altogether and a good mix of backgrounds. It was […]

  • Filming council meetings – my progress in Lichfield

    So, after Chris Taggart was asked to leave a meeting of Windsor & Maidenhead for trying to video it, while SE1 managed to get permission to record Southwark Council meetings I decided to see what I could do in Lichfield. Here’s what I did. I sent an e-mail through Lichfield District Council’s generic contact form. […]