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  • Getting serious about hyperlocal, part 2: Journalism

    While the conversation continues around legal issues, burning issue number two in my mind is the quality of hyperlocal content. I’m very fortunate that at the helm of The Lichfield Blog is former journalist and current journalism lecturer, Ross Hawkes. I’ve learnt a lot from Ross, mainly that as hyperlocal looks to play a part […]

  • Citizen journalism: Friend or foe to traditional media?

    Recently I’ve become involved in a relative new project, The Lichfield Blog. As you may gather from the name it’s a blog, about Lichfield. I’m really proud to be part of something that has such a switched on and engaged little team behind it. It was especially gratifying to watch as the story of a […]

  • Evolving Web: Guardian Delivers Full RSS Feeds

    To my extreme satisfaction, The Guardian newspaper has become the first in the world to offer full text RSS feeds, representing a significant step in the evolution of the World Wide Web. This step should be a paradigm shift of sorts; the first domino to fall; and hopefully more newspapers will follow suit. Full text […]