Tag: Mobile

  • New WordPress plugin: Change content based on device

    When developing responsive WordPress themes I use a plugin called Mobble. It provides simple template tags to determine what device the site is being viewed on and change the layout accordingly. On some sites, I’ve created shortcodes to allow me to use some of those functions within the content itself but after doing some work […]

  • How the embedded tech revolution has already started

    I wrote recently about how I considered the whole wearable tech phenomenon to be a bit of a misnomer as projects like Google Glass will be superceded by embedded tech. Well, this news from Google-owned Motorola confirms that. A pill that’s sits in your stomach, powered by stomach acids and acting as a authenticator, and […]

  • Now Google Wants To Kill The Mobile Web (Good Riddance)

    Hurrah for Google, recognising that single, responsive websites are the future, not ‘mobile versions’ which merely add cost to site owners and usability headaches for users. I try to make everything I work on responsive for this very reason! Read Now Google Wants To Kill The Mobile Web (Good Riddance)

  • Ubuntu for mobile… damn that’s exciting!

    Over the Christmas and New Year holiday I wanted to get something done that I’d been planning for a number of months: replace Windows 7 on my PC with Ubuntu, ridding myself of any Microsoft software (I think). I’d long ago abandoned Microsoft Office in favour of Libre Office and have had my Samsung N130 […]

  • Bad ads

    Finally, I  plucked up the courage to purchase my shiney new Samsung Galaxy S3 (more on that later) and whilst reading the latest news on the Guardian app I noticed that they (or their ad server people) still don’t know how to do ad targeting properly. See my screenshot of the app below, taken on […]