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  • #365daysofpolitics day 26: transcending the situation

    Today is day 26, which means I’ve had two days of doing nothing (pretty much). Spending the weekend with my little man was far more important, of course. But in general I’m finding it hard to keep up every single day. My hope was that it’d be fairly straight-forward to do something, at least small, every […]

  • #365daysofpolitics day 11: the missing day

    You may have noticed day 10 went missing. My excuse is a camping trip with friends, although we did chat a bit about politics so it wasn’t a completely politics-free day. That brings me nicely on to something I’ve been thinking about. I feel guilty if I don’t have much to show for a day. […]

  • #365daysofpolitics day 7: defending our rights

    A quiet day of political slacktivism today. I cleared the backlog of Manifesto proposals I hadn’t read/replied to/voted on. Update: I hadn’t noticed it until now, so I’ve just signed this petition demanding a referendum on the scrapping of the human rights act that the Government wants to force on us. I strongly suggest you sign it too.

  • #365daysofpolitics day 3: Officialdom

    Today I recommitted to the political party that sprang out of the OpenPolitics Manifesto project. While I got involved a while ago my participation in the last six months has been almost non-existent due to the other pressing issues in my life. That changed today when I agreed to be Something New’s technology officer. I’ll […]

  • The Communist Manifesto

    Years after buying a copy, along with some other political philosophy books, I finally got around to reading Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. My understanding of it is that it postulates two things; Society is split into two factions; the working class, and the ruling class, with the latter exploiting the former for it’s benefit. In order […]

  • I think I’m going to join The Pirate Party

    I’ve spent some of today reading through all of The Pirate Party policies. With only two exceptions I find myself agreeing with the whole thing. It’s a great feeling, and I reckon a lot of the people I know will feel the same. Time to join then? Update: I did it.

  • The joy of collaboration… and politics

    As an open source developer I collaborate with other developers on projects. More so now I’m working with Code For The People (best WordPress agency in the world, obvs). Thanks to James Smith starting the OpenPolitics Manifesto I’ve thoroughly enjoyed applying that same collaborative spirit to a political endeavour. When you have something you want to […]