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  • Comment on Journalists: We know we care, but do our readers?

    On occasion I post a comment somewhere I’d like to keep hold of. So here’s my comment on a post by David Higgerson talking about something I said at news:rewired. Blimey, I really need to stop ranting at news rewired! If only because I end up wanting to explain myself. You’ve done that for me […]

  • More House of Commons exposure for The Lichfield Blog

    Whilst discussing his vision for local TV during a House of Commons debate on the future of local media [& video], Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries Ed Vaizey mentioned The Lichfield Blog and it’s efforts in the local media landscape. In response to a request from West Bromwich East MP, Tom […]

  • Local media predictions for 2010

    Hah, look at me giving my predictions for local media. What the hell do I know about local media?! Anyway, at news:rewired Heather Christie jumped on me (metaphorically, not physically – that would have been weird) and asked me my local media predicitons for 2010, along with panel-mates Sarah Hartley of Guardian Local and Joanna […]

  • Getting serious about hyperlocal, part 2: Journalism

    While the conversation continues around legal issues, burning issue number two in my mind is the quality of hyperlocal content. I’m very fortunate that at the helm of The Lichfield Blog is former journalist and current journalism lecturer, Ross Hawkes. I’ve learnt a lot from Ross, mainly that as hyperlocal looks to play a part […]

  • Why I don’t think journalists need business skills

    There’s tons of talk around hyperlocal and local media at the moment and some of it is about the kind of skills journalists need*. Not being a journalist, I’m looking at it from a business perspective. We have a good system with The Lichfield Blog. Ross is the journalist, that’s what he does – he […]