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  • Liberal Democrat complicity in Tory ideology makes then irrelevant in 2015

    Liberal Democrat complicity in Tory ideology makes then irrelevant in 2015

    Re: Vince Cable slams excessive Conservative cuts on working poor The Liberal Democrats seem to think there are some sort of moderating government party, whose job it is to form coalitions and keep the majority partner on the straight and narrow. Except that thanks to their complicity with the Tories since 2010 they have worsened […]

  • Irony escapes Tim Farron. Again. And again. And again.

    Commenting on the Conservatives’ decision to drop a manifesto and coalition agreement promise, Illiberal Liberal Democrat president, Tim Farron, said, “It sends a message to the electorate that ‘we don’t trust you. We think you might do things which we don’t like’ Perhaps, Tim, you might sit your  parliamentary party down and beat then round […]

  • The best route for Clegg is to get tough

    What Nick Clegg needs to do now is be tough with the Conservatives. They are on the back foot and desperate to get into power but Clegg holds the keys. Let’s face it, they’ll be no LibLab coalition – they just don’t have the electoral mandate. They’d need too much support from nationalists who would […]

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Why discrimination loses my vote in the general election.

    This week, David Cameron announced that he is prepared to impose all-women shortlists for the next general election. The Labour Party has already used all-women shortlists and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said he would consider introducing them if the number of women MPs in his party didn’t ‘improve’ at the next general election. The […]