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  • Ceding the Lead

    This goes a long way to explaining why Android feels like such a better experience than iOS. In fact, the problem of sharing between apps is exactly what led me to selling my iPad. Read Ceding the Lead

  • Ubuntu for mobile… damn that’s exciting!

    Over the Christmas and New Year holiday I wanted to get something done that I’d been planning for a number of months: replace Windows 7 on my PC with Ubuntu, ridding myself of any Microsoft software (I think). I’d long ago abandoned Microsoft Office in favour of Libre Office and have had my Samsung N130…

  • Patent wars: the evil afflicting tech that will only harm consumers

    Being a follower of the ‘patent war’ between mobile/tablet manufacturers recently I’m disappointed at today’s news that Samsung has been ordered to pay £1.5bn in damages to Apple. I’ve long been of the opinion that the patent system, especially in America, is fundamentally flawed and this case is another example of why. First thing to…