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Tools for hyperlocals: OpenlyLocal WordPress plugin

I’m starting to develop a range of tools for hyperlocal sites, taking advantage of the extensibility of blogging platform, WordPress. My first effort is using the fantastic OpenlyLocal site and all the data provided in raw XML.

So far, I’ve built the bare bones of the plugin, an admin page to select the local authority and then a simple widget which displays upcoming council meetings.

Very simple widget.

There is a big list of ideas in my head of what I could do with this but I’m not sure what would be most desirable to the masses (I want it all, now) so I’ve set up a Get Satisfaction page and added a few ideas just to get the ball rolling. Please go there and do at least one of two things;

  1. ‘Like’ an existing idea. This helps decide where I should focus my efforts.
  2. Suggest a new idea. If there’s something I haven’t thought of, please tell me!

It’d be great if you could just leave your general thoughts about ideas too. The more collective knowledge I get the better the plugin will be and that’s only going to be good for hyperlocal sites everywhere!