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  • Sorry, you were born in the wrong place

    An attempt at demonstrating the idiocy of borders, and discriminating based on the accident of a birthplace.

  • Human Rights mean nothing to Tories – Brexit will give them free reign

    We already know that this Tory government continues to actively work with Saudi Arabia despite their repeated violations of human rights. This morning we learn that the Tories helped lobby the UN to “whitewash” Bahrain police abuses. They’ve already made it clear they want to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights, too. Clearly while…

  • UK may have no say on EU top job, frontrunner warns

    Re: UK may have no say on EU top job, frontrunner warns European Commission President hopeful Jean-Claude Juncker suggests British people aren’t getting a vote on who becomes President but ignores one fundamental problem: the British people never get a vote and neither do the rest of Europe’s citizens. Ridiculously, this is the first time that the Commission…