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  • Human Rights mean nothing to Tories – Brexit will give them free reign

    We already know that this Tory government continues to actively work with Saudi Arabia despite their repeated violations of human rights. This morning we learn that the Tories helped lobby the UN to “whitewash” Bahrain police abuses. They’ve already made it clear they want to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights, too. Clearly while […]

  • When secularism is not secularism: when it’s French (or European)

    It’s disappointing that the European Court of Hunan Rights has upheld the French ban on full-face veils. Some call this a ‘victory for secularism’ but it is no such thing. Secularism is about equality for all. Freedom of religion, and freedom from religion. It is not about curtailing individual liberties for some misguided notion about […]