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  • Idea: A re-usable framework for “Who Should I Vote For?” tests

    Those “Who Should I Vote For?” sites are, I think, a great idea. Many of them fail though. They; often miss out huge policy areas (e.g. Europe) often just copy/paste from manifestos making it easy to see which party is which over simplify questions or provide limited answer choices that don’t always match views become […]

  • WordPress fork is happening – and it looks amazing!

    Obviously I’m a huge WordPress fan, but I’m not a blind believer. I can see it’s limitations, I’m well aware of it’s growing pains. That’s why, when John O’Nolan first presented his concept for Ghost I was excited. While WordPress evolves into a CMS from a blogging platform (and it still has a long way to […]

  • Vulnerability in WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache – update now!

    Hot on the heels of the big WordPress botnet attack comes news of a serious vulnerability in the two most popular caching plugins, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. By allowing anyone to inject malicious code into your WordPress site through the standard comments form, this security vulnerability is particularly nasty in it’s simplicity […]

  • Why super intelligence?

    This fascinating article about human extinction includes a big section about artificial intelligence (AI) and the risks of creating a super intelligence. It reminds me that so much of what I read on the subject focuses on the idea of a single, intelligent machine that could provide extraordinary decision making power. I’m skeptical that AI […]

  • Ubuntu for mobile… damn that’s exciting!

    Over the Christmas and New Year holiday I wanted to get something done that I’d been planning for a number of months: replace Windows 7 on my PC with Ubuntu, ridding myself of any Microsoft software (I think). I’d long ago abandoned Microsoft Office in favour of Libre Office and have had my Samsung N130 […]

  • 180 WordPress updates…

    I’ve just finished my weekly check of client sites who are on my maintenance package and seeing as it’s almost the last check of the year, I thought I’d look at the stats… I’ve made; 96 backups, each including a WordPress content export, database dump and file backup 11 core updates, including moving from 3.4 […]

  • Patent wars: the evil afflicting tech that will only harm consumers

    Being a follower of the ‘patent war’ between mobile/tablet manufacturers recently I’m disappointed at today’s news that Samsung has been ordered to pay £1.5bn in damages to Apple. I’ve long been of the opinion that the patent system, especially in America, is fundamentally flawed and this case is another example of why. First thing to […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 first impressions

    It’s now been two weeks since I took delivery of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGS3) and here are my thoughts. I left it two weeks because I was without a micro-SIM for it for most of the first week! Many of my thoughts are born out of having switch from the HTC Desire […]