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While eBay Stumbles Off, I Might Stumble Back… Upon StumbleUpon

Give me a second to get over the self-induced confusion over that title.

Okay, done.

If you didn’t already know, I abandoned StumbleUpon a while back citing a couple of frustrations, including the toolbar. So my ears (fingers?) pricked up a little when I spotted, via Marketing Pilgrim/ReadWriteWeb, that SU has decided to offer a non-toolbar version of it’s service.

Honestly, I never used the “Stumble” feature anyway so this probably won’t change much. What I’m hoping is that this is the first step for StumbleUpon loosing the toolbar completely.

Amongst the recent talk about eBay looking to sell StumbleUpon it has been noted that the number using the service has fallen quite significantly from last year. It’s kinda unsurprising to me. There was plenty more buzz about StumbleUpon twelve months ago, likely prompting more sign-ups to the service, who have since left out of disappointment or frustration.

My opinion (and this is VERY speculative) is that the toolbar is a barrier to adoption. Just like many said it was for Joost, who abondoned their desktop client last month.

With the general shift towards moving applications off the desktop and onto the web, it seems backwards to require the use of a desktop application or add-on of any sort.

We’ll see what happens. For now, I’m going to give StumbleUpon another chance. Especially now I have a friend there!

I’m giving up on StumbleUpon

I wanted to do something very simple today. I wanted to look at the StumbleUpon profile of a guy I know who’s blog I was reading. He’d linked to it, so I clicked on it. And there began my frustration.

I have a general dislike of any web site/application/social network/whatever that asks you to login to do the simplest of things, because it’s not worth the effort. For example, if I just want to look at someone’s profile after they’ve actively encouraged me to do so, I’m not going to be bothered to sign up to a site just to look at that one profile, and then have to deal with what will probably be TWO sign-up e-mails (why it’s always two, I don’t know)  and then usually one more e-mail each week telling me how great the whole thing is. Breathe.

If that wasn’t enough, I then tried every combination of username and password I could possibly think of that I would have used to sign up (I do have a SU account) but all failed so on to the password reminder. When I got the e-mail with my password I noticed it was some random jumble of letters I would never in a million years use as my password. So I logged in and proceeded to change my password. Except I couldn’t. There is, seemingly, no way to change your password on SU. And then I remembered – I’d been here before. I’ve been annoyed with SU for this very same reason a couple of times.

So I figured, forget it – I’ll just go click on the link to that profile again and then get on with my life. If only. StumbleUpon decided that despite logging in only moments before, it wanted me to do so again. Bugger that for a bag of chips, and I went to the home page to login instead. Click on the thumbnail and look around for the login link. Don’t see it? No, nor me. I’ll give one hundred pounds* to anyone who can find the login link on that page.

In summary then, when I sign up I’m given a nonsensical password I can’t change, I can’t do anything until I log in which is hard enough with my brilliant password and that’s even if I manage to log in seeing as the only way to do that is to find a deep link and click on it. StumbleUpon, you’ve pissed me off and wasted my time – and I’m including the time taken to write this rant.

Now, where was I?

*I won’t really, I don’t have £100 to give away. Especially someone who can spot a link that’s right in front of my stupid face.