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Open source rules, and it’ll kill Apple

“Both [Microsoft’s] C# and [Apple’s] Objective-C are unsurprisingly almost invisible [on GitHub], because they’re both ecosystems that either don’t encourage or actively discourage open-source code.”

From ReadWrite

Most people who know me know that I’m not exactly an Apple fan.

I am a big open source fan though, and the two are connected. As a believer in free software principles I despise the restrictive, closed systems of Apple (not to mention it’s overpriced, locked down hardware).

I’m constantly surprised that so many of the free software advocates I know or come across are Apple fans.

But Apple will, in my opinion, fall based on this. People don’t like to be restricted, they like their freedom to use their tech in the way they wish. Actively discouraging open source is putting Apple at odds with the vast and growing number of developers committing to free software principles.

Update: This view on the dramatic fall of Unix and rise of Linux illustrates my point entirely. You can’t beat a good open source community.

WordPress fork is happening – and it looks amazing!

Obviously I’m a huge WordPress fan, but I’m not a blind believer. I can see it’s limitations, I’m well aware of it’s growing pains. That’s why, when John O’Nolan first presented his concept for Ghost I was excited.

While WordPress evolves into a CMS from a blogging platform (and it still has a long way to go!) it necessarily looses the simplicity it had as a pure blogging platform. John’s brainchild was to provide something that returned to those first principles.

Now the project is actually coming to life. John and his team have a great introduction and they’re seeking backers through Kickstarter. I’ve pledged.

One big thing that draws me in are the principles that John talks about in the introductory video. One of my constant bugbears around other open source project, WordPress included, is the ownership – structures that often do not reflect the spirit of open source, and we see the impact time and time again.

John is committed to making sure that Ghost is open source and non-profit and that that follows through to the entire eco-system that will surround Ghost.

I can’t wait!

Update: just two hours after this post was published (and a while after I actually wrote it!) I’ve had an e-mail from John O’Nolan along with all the other backers. Ghost is over 120% funded. Phenomenal! It’s got incredible backing – WooThemes, Envato, Seth Godin and many more influential tech folk. This could really be something…