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#365daysofpolitics day 6: pleading

I’ve just finished off a bunch of work to the 2015 election stats project I’ve been working on. Thanks to contributions from others, it looks like we now have votes for all constituencies and the validation is passing – woohoo!

There’s some next steps, which I’ve created issues for. Feel free to help me out on those.

My main effort today though was e-mailing the Green Party and the local Green candidate, Rob Pass. Here’s my e-mail:

Rob, and the rest of the Green Party,

Please let me join!

Section 4i of the Green Party constitution states (my emphasis);

Membership is open to any person who subscribes to the object of the Party, and is not already a member of another political party, other than Green Parties abroad, subject to clause 4(vii) below.

My personal values align with those of the Green Party and I am in favour of many of your policies.

Rob, you impressed me in the Lichfield election campaign and you got my vote last week.

But I try to lend my support to all those campaigns and parties who share my values, and whose policies I support. So I am a member of The Pirate Party and the party I helped establish, Something New.

I want to support you too but your rules forbid it. We’re clearly in a multi-party system now (despite our horrific voting system) as confirmed by your own increased vote share.

Given this, will you consider altering your constitution to take that into account, and allow me, and many others, to lend our support to you?



Why I voted in a safe seat

A little while ago I posited the argument that not voting is a proxy vote for the winner. Now I’m going to suggest that it’s worth voting even in a safe seat where you’re voting against the incumbent.

In Lichfield I’ve voted for Rob Pass, the Green Party candidate. He won’t get anywhere close to winning. He might not even retain his deposit. But voting Green is my way of telling MPs my views. When they see what sounds like will be a big uplift in the green vote it’ll send a message about the kind of politics and policies I and fellow Green voters want.

No, it won’t change a lot but if UKIP has taught us anything it’s that the big parties will respond to a threat to their power. I also believe that lots of people who are thinking of voting Green won’t do if they feel their vote won’t count. That’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Those of us who do help increase the Green vote will show others they won’t be alone next time.

Just voting once every five years is going to do fuck all though. We should vote but also follow up that action with more action to try and get the politics and society we desire. As Andy Bennetts said, organise.

That’s why I’m starting #365daysofpolitics. Every day, starting today, I’m going to so something political (or with a political purpose) to help push towards the kind of society and democracy that I want to see.

I’m going to blog every day what I do. Feel free to join me. Let’s organise and be the change we want to see in the world.

Why I’m voting Green, and why you should definitely vote today.

After using the excellent Vote Match website, I reviewed my answers and the comparisons to the policies of the various political parties and decided that I agreed with it’s assessment that I should vote for the Green Party.

There are a few things I do disagree with the Greens on, such as their stance on Nuclear power and GM crops which I believe are anti-scientific. Mostly though, I’m more closely matched with them than any other party, and I think that makes sense. If I could vote Pirate, I would.

Please use Vote Match to decide who to vote for.

Not bothering to vote?

Please do.

I’ve flip-flopped on whether to vote or not, but one thing the rise of UKIP in polls has shown me is that not voting is tantamount to voting by proxy.

What do I mean by that?

If there are 100,000 eligible voters (of which you are one) and only 40,000 vote, that effectively makes each of those 40,000 votes worth 2.5 votes. You are giving your voting power to someone else.

So if anyone votes for a party you despise, or just don’t like enough to vote for, not voting will be gifting the weight of your vote to those parties anyway. Your inaction will help those parties you don’t like to get into power.

Don’t like ANY of the parties or candidates? Then spoil your ballot paper and deny everyone else the power to use your vote against you!